Saturday, September 16, 2006

New Sitter for Tyler

Tyler's been going to his new sitter for two weeks now and she is working out great. He's doing awesome with other kids around and they love him too, which is awesome. Penny (the sitter) is starting to wean him from his binky already. She tries to do it to all the kids by the time they are a year old. We only gave it to him when he napped or was going to bed, but he's addicted. The past two or three days he didn't need it at all at her house. At home is a little different. Thursday was rough. He really cried and cried. Last night he did okay without it. Today at naptimes, I gave in after a half hour of him crying, only because I'm sick and needed to sleep too. Now tonight he did okay without it. He cried for a bit, then talked to himself for a long time. Then fell asleep without it. It's just going to take some time.

Penny also started Tyler not taking his morning bottle, but giving him milk in a cup. We've been giving him juice at home for a while, but I've noticed that he's doing a much better job lately with the cup. He's holding it on his own and everything. It's great.

I can't believe Tyler's going to be 11 months old on Monday. Time flies so fast. It's hard at times to think what we did without him. He's such an angel.

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