Monday, September 11, 2006

JAD Western Division Champions! (and Runners-Up, too!)

In Second place, representing the Defiance, OH Chapter – The Northwesternaires!

And in first place, representing the Northwest Ohio Chapter – The Voices of Harmony!

That’s right, folks. Yours truly can take about 2.5% (1/40th) of the credit for each chapter placing at the top of the Western Division contest on Saturday.

The first place finish for NWO was especially exciting, as it was our first ever public performance and competition entry.

About 4 of us started meeting almost 2 years ago now with the hopes and dreams of creating something which would be focused on great singing, fun and success in contest and that dream took its first measurable step towards reality on Saturday.

We still have a long way to go before we realize the ultimate goal of international competitor and eventually District and International championships, but each journey begins with a single step, and ours was a respectable one.

I want to use this space to thank all of the people who have helped me take an idea and creating something around it.

First off, although she never will get any public recognition for it, this chorus could never have gotten off the ground if my wife Deanne had not only allowed me to pursue it, but also supported and encouraged me and all those in the group since I first started trying to get people together for it 22 months ago. She continues to stand by me through all aspects in my life, and I love her and our son more and more each day because of what they both mean to me.

A close second, and absolutely indispensable in the actual formation, leadership, and all-around creation of what has now become the Northwest Ohio Chapter is someone that I now consider a true friend, Mark Blake. Mark has experience, knowledge base, and most important a way with people that I don’t have. Without him, no matter my enthusiasm, drive and desire to make this happen, it could not have. Mark’s sharing of my dream has made the journey up to this point a reality, and his support both within the chapter formation process and in life has been such a blessing.

RD Mathey, our director may not have been one of the men with the dream at the beginning, but he has been an integral part of it actually taking shape. His passion for music and singing is evident each and every time we get together, and it would be hard to imagine where we would be without all he brings to the group.

I cannot overlook all of the friendships which have been formed or strengthened among the others who were instrumental in making this happen: Kim Lehman, Kerry Conrad, CC Snyder, Mike Hachtel, and Tony Torio.

Each member of the chapter holds responsibility for our initial success. Without the 40 men who have worked hard and given of themselves, this weekend never could have taken place.

I know that the journey is just beginning, and I will not be satisfied without continued growth and further success, but it is fun to take just a moment and look at what has been created and marvel at the selfless giving of each man or woman who has been involved.

6 weeks to District and lots more work to do…

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frumanchu said...

A true pleasure singing with you, JP!