Monday, October 02, 2006

One of those days...

Yesterday was one of those days when I just couldn't help but stop, look around, and realize all that I have and am given every day.

After a long, busy week, Tyler, Deanne and I each found ourselves with no pressing matters to attend to on a Sunday afternoon. The weather was awesome (70 degrees and sunny) and the leaves are just starting to turn here in the Oak Openings region of Ohio.

I wanted to take a walk and after starting down the driveway to walk in the nearby streets with Tyler, I went back in the house to find Deanne and ask her to go to the park instead.

The coolness of the light breeze as we left the asphalt of the parking lot and crossed beneath the first branches of the trees gave an air of comfort impossible within 4 walls and a roof. Summer's heat and heavy air are slowly submitting to winter's eventual grasp, but the transition is gentle and amazing.

The sun was setting and as the flecks of sunlight danced against the shadows beneath the limbs of the trees, the undergrowth of ferns and grasses seemed to emit a deep, rich green that crayola can't make into a crayon. Whitetail deer, merely looking for an evening snack are as interested in sizing us up and down as we are them. A lazy bandit of a raccoon overcomes the natural reluctance to join the world of people and finds himself staring into a buffet in the form of trash can among the picnic areas since vacated by its short-lived visitations.

Walking along among a reality which was high definition before high-def even existed, I wished we had remembered our camera to try and capture each scene knowing that no pixel on a computer screen or ink on a sheet of paper could ever reproduce the hush of the light breeze through the trees, the scent of the leaves as they begin to make their retreat towards winter, or the heavenly glow as the clouds of pink and purple provide a backdrop for the earth-bound field of green silhouettes.

To share these views with those you love makes them that much more poignant, the colors that much richer, more vibrant. I realize no amount of wishing or hoping could re-create what the three of us were able to be a part of yesterday, but lucky for us that with patience, love and willingness, that time we shared will be only a single stroke in the painting of our lives.

With God's help and gifts, we can make each of our lives a masterpiece. Looking individually, each of our brush strokes could appear beautiful, like a walk in the woods with family. They could appear plain, unspectacular as much of our lives may feel from day to day. They can even be mistake-filled as any of us is capable at any given moment. Combined, however, they are able to paint a perfect picture of an imperfect being.

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