Saturday, November 22, 2008


Wow, everyone changes so much so quickly. Gretchen is growing like a weed. She moving around and grabbing on to things. She's even started to grab onto her gym to help her roll over. She hasn't gone over yet, but she's almost gotten to her side. She's starting to laugh too. This is a cool age.

Tyler is so much fun. He's enjoying all the things he doesn't remember from last year. Halloween was so much fun. Now he's talking about Christmas and Santa Claus a lot. It's so neat to see his little mind working. He is such a smart thinker... and a talker. Man, does he talk. Sometimes he doesn't stop talking. But it's so cute.

Here's his first picture of a person. Not to bad for a three year old!

Below are some of the family pictures we got taken together. I'll try to get Halloween pictures next time.

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Amy said...

I love how she's sticking her tongue out in the bottom picture! So precious!