Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Big Brother

Wow, it's been way too long. We've been so busy around the Miller camp that this is one of the last things on our minds. A lot has happened since July. But the biggest thing has to do with the title of the blog... and no, it's not a reference to the book 1984. It's a reference to Tyler.... yep, you guessed it. He's going to be a big brother! His little sibling (no we're not going to find out) is due on August 1st. We're so excited, even Tyler. He talks about the baby in Mommy's belly but sometimes says it's in his belly. It's so adorable.

It's amazing how two pregnancies can be so different. With Tyler, it was a breeze. This time, I've had it all--nauseau, irritability, emotional....everything. It'll be worth it though, when I get to hold my little one :)

I'll have to write more later. Just wanted to get this one out there.


frumanchu said...

Congrats again! Becky and I definitely found that the second child is completely different from the first in almost every respect, from early pregnancy on.

I also know how easy it is to forget to post on a blog :D


cary's girl said...

Congratulations - that's so exciting!