Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Picture Catch-Up

I won't go too far back in posting pictures otherwise I am not sure how long it would take me to write and upload this single message.

I will do my best to give you a smattering of what we enjoy to get caught up and hopefully keep it going more regularly as Tyler gets bigger.

We bought this chair for when we go to the park and camping with a Christmas GC


Notice the absolute concentration on our little virtuoso's face. He is TOTALLY immersed in the music at this point. Daddy on the other hand is busy playing human piano bench...

Once in a while, Tyler has to go in time out (usually because mommy is on the phone and he is mad she won't let HIM have the handset.) He obviously sits there like he is told for the most part, but he doesn't enjoy it. For the record, a few time outs for the phone thing and it isn't much of a problem anymore.

So, uh, is this supposed to be fun? Maybe if we didn't just go in circles in the driveway? (he really does LOVE wagon rides)

Mommy calls this the "First day of School" Picture. He is only 17 months old here, but hey, maybe he's ready for Post-secondary option right now.

Pull! Puuuullll!

Amazing how you don't need to turn on movies, TV or video games for entertainment when your dinner parties include your closest friends (5 couples) AND all of your kids (8 of them 3 and under)

Tyler is getting a head start with the ladies as he lets the Meyer twins who are 5 months older than him bring him his juice and dote on him while he lounges.

Tyler doesn't know who Thomas is, but this working train was the hit of of the visit to a Shipshewana toy store on our way back from an Easter visit with Aunt Neasey and Uncle Nate

This toy wagon is a bit more my size to pull around, huh?

Well, that gets us caught up to a last week. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

Talk to you soon!

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Anonymous said...

Aloha from the west,
Glad to be on your list ...and see more of tyler and how ya'll are doing....very busy no doubt! Love the pictures...look forward to seeing more as time goes...
be well,
Aunt Mary